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Some of our Way Wiper clients

Aciera (Switzerland)
Adide Sala (Italy)
Agei (Switzerland)
Alcor (Italy)
AVM Angelini (Italy)
Berardi (Italy)
Bergonzi (Italy)
Biglia (Italy)
BLM (Italy)
Carnaghi Pietro(Italy)
Castel Gestioni (Italy)
Cavenaghi & Ridolfi (Italy)
CB Ferrari (Italy)
Charmilles (Switzerland)
Cincinnati Milacron (USA)
Citroen (France)
CMT Tortona (Italy)
Comau (Italy)
Conni (Italy)
Cuoghi Affilatrici (Italy)
Danobat (Spain)
Deber (Italy)
Dickel Maho (Germany)
Dixi (Switzerland)
Duplo Standard (Italy)
Ernault (France)
Est Ticino (Italy)
Eubama (Germany)
Famup (Italy)
FIL (Italy)
FPT Industrie (Italy)
Geminis (Spain)
Ghiringhelli (Italy)
Gildemeister (Italy & Germany)
Graziano (Italy)
Heckert (Germany)
Heller (Germany)
Hirschmann (Germany)
Huron (France)
IMTS (Italy)
Index (Germany)
INA (Germany)
Innse (Italy)
Jobs (Italy)
Jakob (Germany)
Kolb (Germany)
Kingsbury (USA)
Kern (Germany)
Kunzmann (Germany)
Kummer (Switzerland)
Liebherr (Germany)
Lizzini (Italy)
Lorenz (Germany)
Mandelli (Italy)
Mauser (Germany)
Mannesmann (Germany)
Maxnovo Italia (Italy)
Meccania Nova (Italy)
Mikron (Switzerland)
MVM (Italy)
Nomo (Italy)
Novar (Italy)
OMV (Italy)
Padovani (Italy)
Parpas (Italy)
Pear (Italy)
Pittler (Germany)
Posalux (Switzerland)
Renault (France)
Rene' Clement (France)
Sachman (Italy)
Saimp (Italy)
Safop (Italy)
San Rocco Donzelli (Italy)
Schaublin (Switzerland)
Schaudt (Germany)
Schneeberger (Switzerland)
Sigma (Italy)
Sillem (Italy)
Tacchella (Italy)
Tacchi (Italy)
Tecnmetal (Italy)
THK (Japan)
Tiger (Italy)
Traub (Germany)
Utita (Italy)
Vaccari (Italy)
Wahli (Switzerland)
Wirth & Gruffat (France)
Wyssbrod (Switzerland)


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